Ctac’s certifications

Below we would like to show Ctac’s certificates in the field of information security, quality management, outsourcing and (personnel) administration.

ISO 27001 Information Security

Ctac is ISO certified in the field of information security (ISO 27001). Because the technology is constantly evolving, the ISO standards must also change. These quality processes are so well organized at Ctac that Ctac is completely ready for the standards that will come into effect next year. ISO 27001 focuses on the availability, integrity and confidentiality of data, people and resources. Because we attach great importance to all these matters, a great deal of care is devoted to this within Ctac. This varies from accurate process descriptions and the use of cryptography to clearly assigned responsibilities. View the certificate we have received from KIWA.


ISO 9001 Quality management

Ctac B.V. is ISO 9001 certified. ISO 9001 is an international standard that sets requirements for the quality management system of an organization and indicates whether an organization meets the requirements of customers, the laws and regulations applicable to the product and the requirements of the organization itself. ISO9001 is also saying what you do, doing what you say and then proving it. That is exactly what Ctac stands for.  View the certificate we have received from KIWA.


ISAE 3402 reporting

Ctac has been audited by E&Y ISAE 3402 and has passed this type 2 audit with an excellent report. ISAE 3402 is a globally recognized standard for outsourcing. Type I stands for the existence of these reports, type II for effective operation for a longer period (at least six months).


Statement of SNA registration

Certified lenders and (sub) contractors use the quality mark of the Labor Standards Foundation (SNA) to prove, among other things, that their (personnel) administration is in order, that they pay sufficient payroll taxes and / or sales tax on time and that their employees are entitled to to perform work in the Netherlands. With this quality mark, they protect their clients as much as possible from the consequences of liability for unpaid taxes and social insurance premiums and from high fines for working with people who are not entitled to work in the Netherlands, whose identity has not been established or who have a assumed false identity.

View our SNA certifications here en here.




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