The Ctac Share

Paid-up and called-up capital

The share capital is EUR 7,200,000 and is divided into 30,000,000 shares of EUR 0.24: 14,999,999 ordinary shares, 15,000,000 preference shares and one priority share. The issued capital consists of 13,555,203 ordinary shares and one priority share.
No preference shares have been issued. Each quoted ordinary Ctac share entitles the holder to cast one vote. Ctac is listed on NYSE Euronext in Amsterdam (ticker: CTAC).

Development of share capital
On 17 July 2020, the number of ordinary shares in issue is 13,555,203.

Dividend policy
Ctac’s dividend policy generally aims to distribute 30% to 40% of the net profit to the shareholders. Shareholders will be given the opportunity to receive the dividend in cash or in shares, whereby shareholders who do not express a preference during the option period will receive a dividend in shares. Ctac may deviate from this policy in order to finance future growth.

Determining the stock dividend ratio for 2019
Using the procedure described, the ratio for the stock dividend has been set at 20.7300.

The current price information on the Ctac share is available here


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