Top 3: dit is hoe AI ons gaat helpen

20 November 2023
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Top 3: This is how AI is going to help

20 November 2023

Dangerous? A threat? A development that makes us, as humans, obsolete? Well no. Artificial intelligence (AI) is not scary. It is enriching. And Microsoft Copilot, the AI assistant for all your everyday Microsoft 365 solutions, launched on 1 November, will become your best companion. We are happy to explain why.

How often do you use your Word processor’s spell checker? Or Google Translate’s translation function? It may not feel like it, but these are also examples of AI. Your computer did not go to school to learn the spelling and grammar of all the world’s languages. It is artificial intelligence. The difference with ‘new’ AI is that we have been used to it for years. It feels like a standard application.


One thing is certain: what feels like exciting or new AI now will soon be as ingrained as spellcheck. AI’s new capabilities are rapidly growing into indispensable tools during everyday activities.

Are you curious about how you can use AI to work smarter and more efficiently? Quickly dive into our top 3 and find out what can be done better thanks to AI.

1. Difficult texts in a jiffy

How long do you sometimes spend drafting a good text for an e-mail, invitation or content document? Wondering about the right words, the right tone, the right length…all precious time wasted. Especially if the document (also) has to be in another language.

Thanks to Microsoft Copilot, you will have created the right text, in any language, in a matter of seconds. Just give a short prompt and Microsoft Copilot will go to work for you. Of course, you can always put your own spin on it, if you like, but it gives you a solid foundation. Or inspiration. It also turns rough notes from a discussion into an ordered document in no time. Why type yourself when Copilot can do it for you?

2. Repeat less, invent more

Have you had a nightmare in which robots and artificial intelligence take over the world and humans become obsolete? And are you worried that AI is the next step in that direction? If so, you need to wake up soon.

AI does not make you redundant. It automates processes. So that you do less repetitive, mind-numbing, manual and error-prone work. Take preparing presentations. How much time do you spend putting together a nice PowerPoint now? With Microsoft Copilot, you can put that valuable time into other things. Because Copilot will create a ready-made PowerPoint for you based on a document. The time you save this way, you can put into work that gives you more satisfaction. Like thinking along about improvements within your organization, or strategic choices. This will make your work more fun and challenging.

3. Know what is going on now and tomorrow

In your organization, how often are choices made without knowing exactly what the consequences will be? Probably still too often. While that is actually no longer necessary. The days when a director determined everything based on gut feeling are really over. Microsoft Copilot turns data in Excel into analyses and predictions for the future.

Machine learning also ensures that you have exactly what is happening. Today, but also tomorrow. It analyses huge amounts of historical data, patterns and trends in real time. Including the data that may escape human observers. The algorithms thus arrive at accurate and valuable forecasts for your organization.

Want to know what AI can do for your organization?

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