Avebe gets the most out of potatoes and SAP thanks to Ctac's reliable management

Potatoes are not only delicious – they are also packed with useful nutrients. Royal Avebe knows this like no other. Avebe uses SAP systems to get the most out of its potatoes. Ctac supports the company with hosting services and the technical management of its SAP landscape.

The challenge: no SAP management concerns

Avebe’s main administrative business processes run on SAP ECC. Consequently, it is extremely important that SAP never fails. Good hosting and technical management of the SAP landscape are essential. Avebe ICT Director Gijs Bleeker and Functional Application Support Manager Tom Wassink explain how Ctac helps them achieve this.

Bleeker: “Before 2011, another company looked after our hosting and technical SAP management. We felt like we were just a number to them, and we didn’t get the service we were looking for. We also wanted more flexible costs that would adapt to our usage. We didn’t want to have to worry about anything to do with hosting or technical application management.” 

An extra three years

Even though Avebe and Ctac have worked together for ten years, Bleeker believes there is more room for growth: “We recently extended our contract with Ctac by another three years, and rightly so. We are confident that, together with Ctac, we can achieve our planned business development.”   

Avebe is a cooperative of starch potato growers. The company uses innovative techniques to extract as many usable nutrients and components from potatoes as possible, such as starch and proteins. These are then used in food, animal feed and industrial applications such as paper, textiles and adhesives. Avebe relies on SAP to keep these processes on track.


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