Good relationship between CARLISLE CM Europe and Ctac forms the basis for lightning-speed SAP implementation

Carlisle specialises in durable EPDM roofing systems and EPDM/Butyl air seals. With five leading brands including RESITRIX®, HERTALAN® and HARDCAST®, they enable roofers, contractors, architects, building owners and others to create fully watertight and airtight building solutions. Carlisle is spread across several European sites that use various elderly ERP systems.

“We’ve wanted to invest in a new ERP system within our group for some time now” says Jan Boerkamp, Managing Director and former IT manager within the European group. “As a group of companies, we need to be working on a uniform platform to be able to supply the correct management information and compare it between locations. But with the diversity of our product range, the ongoing integration of the various companies and a focus on growth, we postponed the decision.”  

The result: We are now one team

Boerkamp is proud of the way his colleagues handled all the changes. “Our team worked very well together during the implementation process. The key users from each department sat down with Ctac to review how the new system should be used on a daily basis. “This allowed my colleagues to come together with a better understanding of each other, because each department came into contact with the others’ work. As a result, it was really “our” project, but with help from Ctac’s consultants. We are now one team, and our organisation now also reflects more uniformity of thinking. Which also means more professionalism” says Boerkamp. .

“You have to get people involved in the transformation, and Ctac understands that better than anyone”

Jan Boerkamp, Managing Director at Carlisle

From high drama to throwing a party

Following the implementation, Ctac has continued to work with Carlisle to manage the ERP system. Boerkamp: “For a project like this to succeed, it’s crucial that it’s more than just a technical gizmo. You have to get people involved in the transformation, and Ctac understands that better than anyone. Whenever we needed help after the implementation, they were there to support us.” He looks back on a mission successfully accomplished: “We were actually expecting the implementation of a new ERP system to be a drama. And of course, it had its ups and downs, but the result is fantastic. It was a very special journey, and almost felt like a party. We’ve certainly celebrated it together with Ctac!” 

CARLISLE Construction Materials Europe (Carlisle) specialises in creating airtight and waterproof structures. The company is the European market leader in sustainable EPDM watertight and airtight solutions. Due to a crashed server, the Dutch location in Kampen suddenly found itself with no ERP system. Ctac helped Carlisle through an SAP implementation in record time.


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