Technological innovation isn’t usually the first thing that comes to mind when people think about a social welfare company. Yet Antwerp-based Werminval is a pioneer when it comes to providing digital support for the company’s social, people-oriented services. Werminval recently implemented SAP S/4HANA, the modern ERP platform, with Ctac’s help. CEO Jonny Coulon and CFO Natacha de Groot explain why and how Werminval made the switch in no time at all.

Werminval is a social welfare company that provides employment and guidance to people with fewer opportunities on the job market. The non-profit association offers jobs to more than 500 people in Antwerp and the surrounding area. “Our employees provide various services”, says Jonny Coulon, CEO of Werminval. “They pack products, make advertising displays, maintain public green spaces and carry out a whole range of other activities for large food, FMCG and industrial companies, public authorities, port operators and others.”

“Working with Ctac, we looked at our business processes in detail and put how we used SAP under the microscope during the “explore days”. Ctac pointed out areas where we could make efficiency gains.”

Natacha de Groot, CFO at Werminval

The impact: increased findability and flexibility

Now that they’ve made the switch, Werminval can guarantee customers the quality assurance they seek. This is very important, as Jonny explains: “For our partners in the fast-moving consumer goods market, with food and care products, it is essential to know at all times which products were processed on which dates, which batch they came from and how many are still in stock. This means that products can be withdrawn from the chain in the event of a recall due to a manufacturing defect in a partner’s manufacturing process, for example. With SAP S/4HANA, we can provide them with full and accurate product information.” Natacha continues: “The product, order and customer information is also easier to find as we can search the databases faster and with greater accuracy.”

Trust and partnership

“The implementation of SAP S/4HANA ran without a hitch”, says Natacha. “We made the switch in just six months. We also dedicated a lot of our own time to this, testing all the scenarios – including those where we had to correct errors, for example. Ctac prepared us thoroughly for this, and assisted us with the transition.”

“The great thing about our collaboration with Ctac is that the same people who helped us with the planning also took care of the implementation”, adds Jonny. “As a result, we were on the same page and operated on a basis of trust. We are true partners.”

Frederik Depovere from Ctac was closely involved in the project. He also stressed the importance of the partnership in making the switch a success: “We’re proud that, eight years after the initial SAP implementation, we were there to guide Werminval through the next step of their digital journey. At Ctac, we want to work with our customers on the basis of trust and partnership, with a healthy “go for it” mentality. And that’s certainly been the case with Werminval. Jonny confirmed this when he expressed his trust in us with the now legendary words: Vamos a la Hana!”

More options now, and ready for the future

“SAP S/4HANA will help us to roll out our revised strategy”, concludes Jonny. “It’s the foundation on which we’ll be able to build our future plans, such as manufacturing integration with partners. But crucially, S/4HANA allows us to focus on what we believe is most important: our employees and partners.”

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Werminval is a social enterprise manufacturing company that offers work and guidance to people who cannot participate in the 'normal' labor market. The non-profit association offers workshops to more than 500 people in Antwerp and the surrounding area. Werminval's services are very diverse and range from packaging to the production of pillows.


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