In a rapidly changing market, organisations often face complex data management and product information challenges. As a company, for example, do you rely on many disparate systems? Then chances are you face data fragmentation and inefficiency.

Legislation is going through many changes these times. How do you make sure you have the right data in place at product level, in line with these legislations? Managing product information can be an obstacle in this, resulting in inconsistency and missed sales opportunities. PIM to the rescue!

By using a Product Information Management (PIM) system as the ‘single source of truth’, you overcome these challenges and streamline your product data management. Register for our webinar below and we’ll tell you how! Even more, we will also demonstrate LVIE of the Digital Product Passport for our client Garcia JOG.

Date: 4 July 2024
Time: 11:00

What can you expect during this webinar?

  • Brief overview Digital Product Passport: What is it and for whom will it be mandatory?
  • Using PIM: How can PIM help you manage and optimise your product data?
  • Approach: What steps should you take to comply with the right guidelines?
  • Live demo: We will give a live demonstration, focusing on the Product Data Governance (PDG) solution within inriver PIM. This module helps you deal with product data and prepares you for new EU obligations such as the DPP, AGEC, and other emerging laws to drive the circular economy
  • Customer case Garcia JOG: We show a customer case from our customer Garcia JOG, demonstrating how we implemented the PDG module and what the Digital Product Passport looks like live.
  • Q&A

Register now and prepare for a sustainable future!

Don’t miss this opportunity to prepare your company for the future of product transparency and compliance.