Industry 4.0

Join the fourth industrial revolution and benefit from all the available technological possibilities.

Nic Pot

Manufacturing Expert

Benefit from the wide range of technological options to improve your manufacturing company

Strike the perfect balance between investment and margin

Rely on experienced manufacturing experts who will work with you to create a realistic innovation agenda

Industry 4.0: automate and improve your manufacturing processes with smart technologies

New production methods are rapidly changing the manufacturing industry. Smart technologies like the Internet of Things and artificial intelligence are opening up more and more opportunities for manufacturing companies. The trick is to get the most out of all these technologies. So how can you do that?

The fourth industrial revolution

Industry 4.0 is about the fourth industrial revolution, which uses smart technologies to continuously digitalise the manufacturing industry. The term Industry 4.0 dates back to 2011, which was well before the technology was truly ready. That has changed now. The Internet of Things, cloud computing and artificial intelligence are offering unprecedented opportunities and are now making the new industrial revolution a reality.

Industry 4.0 for manufacturing companies

Because there are so many options available, it can be difficult to make the right choices. How can you evolve along with your customers’ wishes and the pace of the market? How can you make the most of all these new opportunities? How can you strike the right balance between investment and margin? And how do you combine quality and innovation? Ctac helps manufacturing companies to apply all the technological possibilities in order to create smart solutions. Industry 4.0 starts with a clear agenda. This agenda is the result of your strategy. That is where you determine what you want to achieve in the coming years and where you define what this means for your business processes.

Move towards Industry 4.0 together with Ctac

Ctac will be happy to help you to convert your strategy into an agenda. As a Business & Cloud Integrator, we gladly use our knowledge and experience to support companies that want to join Industry 4.0. Our effective approach will help us to jointly determine the agenda, which will convert the possibilities into specific benefits. As experienced manufacturing experts, we help companies to navigate new terrain. Depending on your strategy, we will help you determine the right processes and use of technology. We will always take into account the impact this has on your architecture, your IT and your people.

Are you ready to move towards Industry 4.0? Together with Ctac, you can find out what this means for your manufacturing company and what technologies can benefit your company. Contact us for more information.


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