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you want to get the most out of your buildings and all their associated facilities, a professional corporate real estate approach is a must.

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Permanently adjust your corporate real estate approach: it is the only way to manage your buildings professionally – today and tomorrow.

Receive expert guidance for the management and maintenance of your building portfolio.

Be amazed by our smart dashboards that will turn your data into one clear, complete and efficient analysis.

If you want to get the most out of your buildings and all their associated facilities, a professional corporate real estate approach is a must. You also need to pay constant attention to expert building management. The message is to constantly adapt your real estate working environment, because tomorrow’s challenges will be different from today’s.

Your challenges

You avoid any construction and design errors in the construction, maintenance or renovation of your building. Techniques such as 3D Building Information Modelling (BIM) are a reliable help for the operation of your building throughout its entire lifecycle.

If you are buying or selling with a lease contract, an overview of all building characteristics is indispensable. And you need to make detailed agreements about the responsibilities, lease amounts and maintenance with regard to your property.

You will move through company mergers and acquisitions. An organisational change often has significant consequences: the company may convert its buildings or move to another location. A new layout of the existing floor space offers the perfect solution. Perhaps this will even free up some surface area, which you can then hire out to an external party. Guiding such an operation in the right direction is no mean feat. The conditions for their success are the availability of the right information and a clear overview of the costs and revenue.

Your main goal is to maximise the return on the working environment of your building. This way you kill two birds with one stone: you make optimal use of the workspace and you make sure the employees perform well.

Our solutions

Ctac takes a close look at the management of your building portfolio and supports you:

  • The cost of using space will be charged to your business departments.
  • You will receive guidance on new trends such as space management based on FTEs rather than used surface area.
  • You will get help with the maintenance of smart buildings and the transformation of internet of things information into ready-to-use maintenance data.
  • A detailed breakdown of costs is provided.
  • The management of the meeting rooms and required technology is looked after.
  • All your building information is analysed with dashboards. For example, we can combine the sales, rental and location data of a retail building to provide a complete analysis.


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