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These days, when change is the only constant, housing associations must develop into efficient and effective organisations that are truly able to put the customer first.

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Get a grip on a demanding target group that has exceptional knowledge of all things digital and expects you to provide an optimal service while adopting a proactive attitude.

Manage the high demands that society places on housing associations.

Put the tenant first, do more with fewer resources and improve collaboration

Doing more with less

As a housing association, you have plenty to contend with. Recent legislative changes and stricter supervision requirements have resulted in funding and risk management requirements becoming more stringent than ever. You also have to surrender part of your capital to state levies.  And you’re still expected to deliver added value to society on your shrinking budget …

You need to manage your business with absolute efficiency. But how do you cut your operating costs, keep up with new developments and stay on top of an increasing amount of incoming information? Does a digital workplace offer the answers you need?

Optimal collaboration with colleagues and partners

Ctac designs digital workplaces to meet the specific needs of our clients. We understand that housing associations need to be able to work quickly, easily and efficiently with the rapidly growing amount of information they deal with. This is where the benefits of a digital workplace shine through. A digital workplace gathers information from different applications and systems and brings it together on a single platform. User-friendly collaboration tools mean that efficient meetings with multiple colleagues and partners are just a few clicks away. Whether they’re internal partners or external suppliers, your municipality clients or contractors. Wherever you are, you all have access to the applications and information you need. Everything is connected. And it’s always up to date.

Putting the tenant first

Of course, your tenants will also be able to communicate with you digitally, whether it’s by email, online chatting tools or on the phone. And even if they don’t contact you, they’ll still be free to view, amend and update their data.


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