Supply Chain optimisation

Providing clarity on delivery times and availability. As a retailer, you want to be able to fully meet customer expectations
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Provide clarity on delivery times and availability

Establish flexible warehouse processes to make it easy to run all the processes within your company

Get a reliable and real-time overview of your inventory and warehouse processes using a WMS

Fully meeting customer expectations

You want to be able to meet customer expectations as effectively as possible, regardless of the channel you are using to serve them. This means that you need to be in full control of your inventory, knowing exactly where products are within the chain and your organisation.

Be more responsive to change

Having information about inventory levels is one thing. The speed and agility with which you can respond to changing market developments is another, with in-store supply, e-commerce, collection points, and full omnichannel fulfilment all playing a role. The more flexibly your warehouse processes are set up, the easier it will be to respond to such developments.

Integrated dynamic warehouse management system

In order to achieve this, you need to have a reliable and if possible real-time overview of your inventory and the processes that take place in your warehouse. This means you need to be able to rely on a dynamic warehouse management system (WMS) that supports all omnichannel processes and activities. But that’s not all. Your warehouse management system needs to integrate seamlessly with your order, cash register, return and transport system.

SAP’s warehouse management and transport management system, SAP EWM, does just that. We have extensive experience in configuring and implementing this system at leading retail companies. Our experts will help you take control and design your organisation and your IT landscape in a way that enables you to serve your customers to the full and meet your service commitments.


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