Supply Chain Optimisation

Order today, delivered tomorrow has become an expectation. This requires a streamlined logistics process.

Bram Rikken

Solution Architect

Real-time overview of your inventory situation

The customer decides where and when you should deliver

Streamline your processes and improve your supply chain

Creating streamlined logistics processes

Manufacturing companies, wholesalers and retailers are increasingly shifting up along the chain. The focus throughout the entire chain is on the end customer. And end customers want speed and flexibility.

Supply chain optimisation

Supply chain optimisation starts with smart management of incoming goods movements. Some products are not even received into your warehouse, but are forwarded directly on the pallet to their new owner. Incoming lorries are directed to the right dock, with smart distribution of the goods (cross docking). Other products may first be repackaged into custom packaging or an additional outer box, after which they will be shipped. And some goods are stored temporarily before making their onward journey. Highly successful retailers complete this complex puzzle many times a day, and ensure a flawless internal process that runs like clockwork both from a logistics and financial perspective.

Inventory overview

Rapid and correct delivery demands a clear overview of product availability. Successful wholesalers can rely on a real-time overview of their entire inventory situation. They know exactly which products are in stock at their suppliers, which products are in transit, which products they have in stock themselves, and which products are on their way to the customer. Providing additional services – such as packaging or repackaging products – will also increasingly become an expected part of the wholesaler’s role.

Clear notifications, supporting services and smart solutions

In a world where the end customer is king, wholesalers need to fully understand and manage the journey their customers take – from looking for information, making decisions and purchasing to deliveries and returns. Customers expect you to deliver at lightning speed. the right products, in the right configuration, in the right packaging.

We help wholesalers solve these logistics puzzles every day. We do this through clear instructions, support services and smart solutions for wholesalers who really do want to put customers first. We also have in-depth knowledge of SAP Warehouse Management (EWM) and Transport Management.


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