Predictive Analytics

Roy van den Wollenberg

Business Development Manager

Predict what your customers will want with Predictive Analytics

Nowadays we all produce enormous amounts of data in many ways. Whether the data comes from sensors via Edge, portal systems and/or business applications or third parties via APIs, we can be sure of one thing: data is growing rapidly, is available everywhere, and is valuable to your organisation. However, the question is: how can you extract this value from the data in order to benefit from it?

Data-driven activities

Predictive Analytics forecasts future results based on machine learning that allows the analysis of Big Data patterns and trends. You can use Predictive Analytics to anticipate what your customers’ wishes will be. You can use data to determine in real time which product-customer combination offers the greatest chance to achieve the largest sales and margin. This will tell you what you should offer to whom and what channel is best to do this.

These predictions put you in a much better position to anticipate future demand earlier in your business processes, allowing you to better align your supply chain, warehouse management, inventory management and logistics processes with the expected demand. This will result in a more attractive range, more sales, lower costs, higher returns and more satisfied customers.

How can you do this?

We will be happy to advise you in a Discovery Call in which we take a look at your organisation’s situation and opportunities together without obligation. Enter your name and email address in the form at the top of this page, and we will contact you as soon as possible.

Download our white paper: “Predict what your customers want: find out how Predictive Analytics works.”

You can also take a look at our workshop, POC and POV options below:



Want to get started right away? See what we can achieve together:

What is your current process? What is going well and what isn’t? What part of the range can generate most profit? Can you convince your organisation of the value? Now that you have the actual issue in focus, you can define the activities for the rest of the project.

Duration: 1 to 2 days

Here we choose one use case (for example one short-term product group) and we process the sales data. We link this to algorithms, and we work with you to test the explanatory value and define the logical subsequent steps. We get to work on data cleansing, other explanatory variables and the level of the forecast. We can also add other clusters if desired.

This is an extension of the workshop that includes a demonstration and customer data with an Analysis Dashboard and Training. This means you can get started yourself. We also add an extra data source, such as promotions and multiple product groups.

Predict what your customer wants with Predictive Analytics

Today, we produce huge mountains of data in all sorts of ways. Whether it comes from sensors via Edge, portal systems and/or business applications or data via third parties through APIs; one thing we know for sure: data is growing rapidly, is available everywhere and it is of value to your organization. However, the question is: how do you extract value from this data to benefit from it?

Who we are

We are Roy van den Wollenberg, Business Development Manager Data & Analytics, and Niek Nendels, Senior New Business Manager Data Management.  Allow us to introduce ourselves in a bit more detail:

Roy van den Wollenberg
I like to look ahead. Not only in terms of results, but also with regard to the innovations that can add value to organisations. Always staying one step ahead of the competition, being smart, taking up the challenge. That’s what fires me with enthusiasm. Of course, we can only do this if we know what your organisation is good at, which processes are decisive and how our knowledge and experience can help to take your organisation to the next level together.

The combination of technology and business always piques my interest. That’s what makes me tick. I would be happy to go on a practical journey with you, employing clear use cases to achieve innovative solutions that will give you immediate results and a competitive edge.

Niek Nendels
I see myself as the pragmatic one in the Data & Analytics team. My passion for data emerged during my studies in business economics. I’m particularly interested in practical translations for the business side of things. Converting data into meaningful information makes it easier for your organisation to make improvements where possible and then also anticipate the future.

We currently see the most ingenious data models and analyses in science, but things only get really interesting when you apply these together. Feeding the right data to these models and introducing them back into the process reveals a wide range of possible improvements that will immediately benefit the supply chain or category manager, for example.

That’s why I’m particularly interested in your business challenges. I’m always happy to get in touch with you to make your data work for you.

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