Data Sync Manager™ (DSM)

Reduce your data footprint and save time by rapidly, automatically and independently refreshing your test and development data by drawing from the production environment.

Roy Van den Wollenberg

Senior Business Development Manager

Improve data security in your organisation

Refresh data easily and quickly

Work with smart, smaller test sets

Data Sync Manager™: ensure your data security

Managing the data in your organisation securely is more important than ever. Your organisation also has to comply with strict GDPR legislation on data protection. For this, it is crucial that sensitive information is not copied outside your production environment.

Anonymise your data

With Data Sync Manager™ from our software partner EPI-USE Labs, you can copy anonymised data from your production environment. The data is anonymous from start to finish. In addition, DSM allows you to anonymise an existing environment and even delete data objects after use. Data Sync Manager™ is certified by SAP.

Copy, clone, anonymise and delete data in real time

Working with Data Sync Manager™ you can refresh test data faster and obtain a smarter, smaller test set. What’s more, it no longer includes any sensitive data. What if an order goes wrong, something doesn’t add up in the payroll run, or specific test cases have to be repeated? With Data Sync Manager™ you can copy, clone, anonymise and delete data objects in just minutes.

A solution from our partner EPI-USE Labs

Ctac and EPI-USE Labs have a close partnership. Together, we help customers transform their SAP landscapes and improve the performance, management and security of SAP systems. The Data Sync Manager™ helps to supply better test and development data for your SAP landscape while ensuring cost savings.

We have a number of customers in Belgium and the Netherlands who use solutions and services from our joint portfolio. EPI-USE Labs supplies its solutions to more than 1,100 customers in 49 countries.

Do you want to work securely with data outside your production environment? Contact us to discuss the capabilities of Data Sync Manager™ for your organisation.


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