SAP Data Warehouse Cloud

Ensure confident and superior decision-making based on rapid and simple access to reliable data.

Danny Pieters

Business Development Manager

SAP Data Warehouse Cloud is a customised analytical and persona-driven data warehouse-as-a-service solution for both business and IT users. It provides instant access to data via ready-to-use business content and adapters that can integrate data from multiple sources. Scalable, elastic, open and flexible, it works for all businesses of all sizes.

Practise what you preach

Making information available is a hot topic – not just with customers, but also within Ctac as an organisation. We have years of experience in implementing, managing and using SAP Business Warehouse and with BW/4HANA. We therefore follow the latest developments in this area closely. With the implementation of SAP Data Warehouse Cloud, Ctac has also accepted the challenge to upgrade its own internal processes.

As a result of this upgrade, we have added flexibility and handed responsibility to the business users. They now have the flexibility to create, analyse and manage information themselves.

DWC is a perfect fit for Ctac’s cloud first strategy and our self-service vision. With the combination of DWC and SAC, we have a user-friendly, flexible SaaS solution that allows us to provide information effectively and efficiently in the next few years.

In the first phase we focused on quickly unlocking, combining and presenting data from a variety of sources, and now in the second phase we will add new sources and start rolling out the DWC self-service functionality across the whole Ctac organisation.

SAP & Ctac: a win-win situation

By thinking carefully from day one about best practices and guidelines, and by regularly consulting the SAP development team, we have now created a robust data warehouse.

Our experience with SAP DWC

During the project, Ctac fed hands-on experience back to SAP, and SAP got involved in thinking about how best to handle practical challenges: a win-win situation for both parties. We have made our contribution to improving DWC even further, and at the same time we received assistance from SAP in creating our smart data warehouse.

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