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Housing corporations face exciting challenges. Tenants expect optimum service from their landlord. They want to be known and heard and want to be able to switch quickly, easily and digitally. You want to be able to optimally manage your real estate and optimize your internal processes. And you want to meet the increasing demands that the government and your stakeholders place on you. At the same time, you want to keep innovating. That is why there is Fit4Woco: a modular solution for corporations that want to streamline all their processes in one go.

Fit4Woco helps you perform at your best. This flexible, agile, modular cloud solution ensures that all your business processes run efficiently. You streamline contacts between tenants, stakeholders, employees and suppliers. Your organisation can also make more informed decisions based on real-time management data, analyses and reports. Fit4RealEstate consists of modular building blocks, enabling you to start small and scale up gradually. Here are the ten modules that make up Fit4Woco:

  1. ERP
    Powerful support for primary and supporting processes, such as real estate, rental, maintenance, finance and procurement. Fit4RealEstate’s ERP module is based on the SAP S/4HANA platform.
  2. Customer Interaction
    Streamline contacts with tenants and obtain a complete picture of every customer from any device. The module supports customer service, channel management and self-service in the tenant portal. In addition, integrated analyses and reports provide relevant insights.
  3. Analytics & Reporting
    Make more informed decisions using the reporting and analysis options and property-specific KPIs provided as standard. In addition to these standard tools, you also have SAP Analytics Cloud, a platform for real-time Business Intelligence, Predictive Analytics and financial planning.
  4. Integration Platform
    Integrate Fit4RealEstate seamlessly with other systems. The software comfortably handles formats such as CORA, VERA, KOVRA and S@les. This not only streamlines your internal processes, but also improves collaboration with chain partners and suppliers.
  5. Content Management
    Work with a business focus. Fit4RealEstate gives you direct access to all the relevant documents.
  6. Portal & App
    Give employees access to the applications they need for their work using any device. This allows your employees to use an app to approve invoices or purchase orders easily and quickly. With this module, you give tenants access to an online portal and apps they can use to manage matters directly and view the progress of their requests.
  7. Staff and organization
    Give managers and employees insight and control over their HR affairs. For example, let them submit leave requests or view their salary overview. Where and when they want it. From any device. You also support objectives and assessments with this module. Your HR organization also has all HR key figures within reach.
  8. Governance, Risk & Compliance
    Be demonstrably in control and comply with all relevant laws and regulations without any problems. AVG/GDPR compliance is also quickly realized and guaranteed.
  9. Telephony
    Improve the accessibility and availability of your organisation by defining and simplifying telephony traffic. The module tracks both fixed and mobile phone traffic and registers incoming, outgoing and internal traffic. This solution can be integrated with the Fit4Woco Customer Interaction app, so that every contact moment is automatically linked to a customer contact history.
  10. Digital Workplace
    Give the entire organisation access to relevant information anytime, anywhere, including from home offices. In addition, enable your staff to collaborate easily with colleagues.

Advantages Fit4Woco

  1. Scalable standard solution for housing corporations
  2. No upfront investment in software licences; a monthly subscription
  3. Data exchange based on CORA and VERA reference architectures
  4. Get a rapid and full overview of tenants
  5. Work efficiently with supply chain partners
  6. Benefit from automatic reporting, such as to owners
  7. Communicate clearly with tenants across multiple channels
  8. Optimal deployment of service employees
  9. Flexibility in appointments (pre- and final inspection) and cancellation date
  10. Always be in compliance with regulations

“In order to be able to respond quickly and adequately to developments not only now, but also in the future with a service that fits the times, we are switching to Fit4Woco, a future-proof concept.”

Eric Angenent, Directeur-Bestuurder Vivare


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