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Welcome to a new way of working together. SharePoint offers you innovative ways to share your work and collaborate with others, to organise your projects and teams and to find people and data. SharePoint makes it easy to quickly set up an intranet website, exchange ideas and documents or set up a research, forum or blog. It allows you to securely share the right information with the right person.

SharePoint is easy to use

In our private lives, we have become accustomed to the convenience of online sharing. However, many companies are still lagging behind in terms of ease of use and online collaboration. SharePoint, which is part of Microsoft Office 365, bridges this gap between personal and business sharing. It offers users new experiences in a user-friendly interface in areas such as design, collaboration and document management.

One of the disadvantages of the rapidly developing network society is the proliferation of ‘easy-to-use’ external applications. In the short term, these applications facilitate the work, but in the long run they cause confusion and dependence. Ctac not only ensures SharePoint’s proper, seamless integration in your existing IT environment, but also helps organisations draw up a governance policy that makes sure everyone is on the same page. This allows you to work together optimally and safely.

Ctac as your Microsoft SharePoint implementation partner

As a Business & Cloud integrator, Ctac always takes your requirements as its starting point: what does your organisation need to make optimal use of the benefits of business productivity? We then match your requirements with the available Microsoft SharePoint functionalities. To find out more about Microsoft SharePoint and the implementation options, feel free to get in touch with us.


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