Route365 Cooker Session

Get off to a flying start with Office 365 or Microsoft 365. This product is the starting point for secure and smart digital working using Microsoft 365 in its entirety or Office 365 in particular
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Do you want to work better together digitally, but find it hard to work out which technologies can help you do so? Do you know how you can start working with Office 365 or Microsoft 365? Or are you already working with these applications and simply want to make best use of the options on offer? Whatever your situation, the Cooker Session will help you further.

How to set up the Route365 Cooker Session

Select a number of participants who represent a wide range of employees within your organisation. Together with them, we will then list the challenges they face and discuss the opportunities presented by a modern workplace. We explore where your organisation is currently at, how the participants prefer to work together and where the technology comes in. Furthermore, Ctac will also show the opportunities offered by Office 365 and Microsoft 365 and give a number of attractive examples.

Next, we come up with workable solutions by drawing up various digital business scenarios together. Ctac will then process all findings from the Cooker Session in a backlog and/or strategic advice. In doing so, we link the plans to the opportunities and costs of the technology and suggest how you can move from the current to the desired situation. After this session, you’ll have a clear image of the opportunities offered by the full Microsoft package and what exactly your organisation needs to do to work in a more efficient way.

“The Route365 Cooker Session is part of Route365, Ctac’s total approach to successfully deploy Office 365 and Microsoft 365. In 4 hours you arrive at a concrete backlog or strategic advice, in order to work together efficiently. ”


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