SAP Security Assessment

Identify vulnerabilities in your SAP applications with ease and determine your next steps based on extensive reports.
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84 percent of cyber attacks take place within the application itself

SAP Security Assessment tackles the vulnerabilities of your SAP application

You can resolve issues with a sound action plan and clear recommendations

SAP Security Assessment: powerful security for your data stored in SAP applications

Today, all your business data is stored within applications. Most applications can be accessed directly via the Internet by users or for interaction with other systems. This is why it is very important to ensure this data is properly secured.

Most attacks originate from corporate networks

When addressing cybersecurity, we often focus primarily on securing infrastructure and data communication tools. However, 84 percent of cyber attacks now occur in the application itself. The majority of these cyber attacks originate within a company’s network. This shows that protection is under-developed in many parts of an application. A well-known example is the incident involving the large-scale WannaCry attacks, where ransomware was concealed in emails. SAP Security Assessment has been developed specifically to prevent these kinds of problems.

Control the security of your applications and data

Ctac’s Security Framework applies the ISO27000 controls and the SAP Security Baseline as technical controls within your SAP information systems. Using SAP Security Assessment, we test your security against this security framework. The most complex and time-consuming task is to build a comprehensive, specific set of technical tests. To make things easier for your company, we have already done this for you. Ctac’s SAP Security Assessment rapidly provides an overview of the security of your business applications and your most important asset: your company data.

A full report with findings and recommendations

SAP Security Assessment comprises several measuring methods. The results of these measurements are provided as a report. This offers direct insight into the extent to which the SAP applications you use comply with SAP’s standards and recommendations. Any discrepancies? If so, you’ll receive clear recommendations on how to make the SAP applications work (more) safely.

SAP Security Assessment is part of the Ctac Cybersecurity Portfolio. With this set of services, you can gear your information systems toward achieving your goals in a secure, efficient manner. Find out more about Ctac Cybersecurity.


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