Winshuttle makes managing SAP data and processing SAP processes easier than ever.

Jamie Broeren

New Business Manager Winshuttle

Mass upload of master and transactional data in SAP from Excel

Real-time data download from SAP at the touch of a button

Benefit from the knowledge and experience of the leading Winshuttle partner in the Netherlands

Winshuttle: work with SAP in a faster and easier way

Winshuttle allows you to transform the way your organisation works. Powerful workflow processes and smart automation turn everyday SAP users into power users. They ensure that they can guarantee data quality, streamline projects and continuously improve processes in an unprecedented way. They also give your employees more time for their core tasks. Ctac is proud to be Winshuttle’s exclusive partner in the Netherlands. The benefit of a local partner is that we have 15 highly experienced Dutch-speaking Winshuttle consultants ready to help you every day.

Using SAP has never been easier

Winshuttle makes it easier to create and maintain data in SAP and run SAP processes more quickly. More than 3,000 Winshuttle customers worldwide have already radically accelerated their SAP processes, thereby saving a great deal of time and money.

Save time by automating SAP processes

Winshuttle has countless possibilities to simplify your work in SAP. Some examples are mass uploads of master and transactional data from simple interfaces such as Excel to SAP, or real-time data downloads from SAP at the touch of a button. This makes it much easier to maintain your data. Other examples are the automation of SAP processes with the Winshuttle Evolve workflow solution that is fully integrated with SAP.

Winshuttle also allows external staff and partners to supply their SAP data via an offline interface. Winshuttle can therefore be used for all business processes, such as creating new customers, suppliers or materials, simplifying the monthly or annual closing for the Finance department, or creating and maintaining bills of materials and BOM recipes. Winshuttle Evolve can do it all.

Winshuttle makes it quicker and easier for your organisation to maintain, collect and create data in SAP. This saves a lot of time, costs and necessary subsequent corrections. To find out more about what Winshuttle can do for your organisation, contact us for more information.

Winshuttle Studio vs. LSMW

Thousands of SAP users prefer the simple and flexible Winshuttle Studio solution to SAP LSMW. Winshuttle Studio reduces your organisation’s IT burden by allowing users to create and maintain scripts themselves without having to write a single line of code.

The importance of good data management

Why is a good data management strategy so important for the success of your organization? And how can Winshuttle help with that? I went out and found out why data management is so important for a company like Basiq Dental.

BrandLoyalty sets up loyalty programmes for retail companies around the world. BrandLoyalty now saves a lot of time when creating and changing data in SAP.


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