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Do you need IT professionals who can make your project or programme an instant success? Ctac Resourcing is at your service.
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Ctac Resourcing Services: always the right people for your project

Every project is different. And every project requires the right people with the right hard and soft skills. As we put a lot of effort into getting to know your organisation and your project, we can quickly put you in touch with suitable candidates. This also allows us to respond immediately when necessary.

A close strategic partnership

You want to be able to rely on the best candidates from a partner who knows what is happening in your company. That’s exactly why building a close strategic partnership is so important. Only by really getting to know you and by building a long-term relationship can we offer you the people you need at exactly the right time.

We can draw on a carefully composed group of professionals. We permanently employ more than 400 experienced consultants. We also have a large network of freelance consultants with an average of 18 years of SAP experience. Our people regularly work with each other on projects we are staffing, making it easy for them to work together. You will have a well-oiled project team that operates smoothly from day one.

Optimal match between your requirements and our people

We want to add as much value to your project as possible. And we also want our people to value the assignments they work on. That’s why we put so much effort into getting to know the experts we provide. And why we put a lot of effort into understanding your needs as well, as this enables us to find an optimal match between your requirements and the people in our pool, every time. During the assignment, we remain in close contact with our clients and consultants to see whether both parties’ ambitions are being achieved. And because we get to know you and your organisation so well, we can respond even faster in the future.

We are committed to transparency. That’s why we are completely open about our own costs, the hiring chain and our margin. This always gives you a crystal-clear picture of the composition of your resource costs.

If you are looking for an IT professional for your project or you would like to find out more about our resourcing capabilities, contact us.


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