SAP S/4HANA ERP implementations and migrations

Successful, rapid SAP S/4HANA projects start with a solid methodology and a partner who understands your processes.
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Your ERP application is the heart of your organisation. If you replace it, that has major implications for your organisation and your employees’ workload. A challenge that you can only tackle with the best partner for your organisation.

Consultancy and advice: find the root causes of your problems

A common mistake is to look immediately for a tool or software package to solve your problem. If you do this, the causes of your challenges will often remain undefined and unresolved. That’s why Ctac takes things one step further. We focus on the question behind your question. Why are you struggling with this challenge? And is the technical tool you have in mind really the best solution?

Bring the business and IT together

A technology issue is rarely an isolated event. Your question often arises from a business issue that has consequences for multiple processes within your organisation. That’s why Ctac combines business and IT advice. With our extensive knowledge of the markets we focus on, and in-depth knowledge of specific platforms and solutions, we push you to take a critical look at your assumptions and ideas. This guarantees the best solutions.

Migration from SAP ECC to SAP S/4HANA

The widely-used SAP ECC ERP system will reach its end-of-life in 2027, with extended support until 2030 at the latest. As a result, some users are now feeling under pressure to switch to SAP’s new S/4HANA platform. Nevertheless, choosing SAP S/4HANA is first and foremost about choosing more innovation options, and future-proofing. S/4HANA, for example, comes with the user-friendly Fiori interface and Extended Warehouse Management. Your data is also in better hands thanks to Embedded Analytics and the HANA database. In short, there are plenty of reasons to migrate to S/4HANA.

There are also several ways to migrate from SAP ECC to SAP S/4HANA. Look at all the scenarios.

SAP S/4 HANA implementation projects

Are you currently using another ERP package and considering SAP S/4HANA as a replacement solution? Ctac offers you two types of SAP S/4HANA implementation methodologies:

SAP Rise, the standard methodology

SAP RISE gives you everything you need to make the move to S/4HANA with the help of an SAP Partner, and to start your journey to becoming an Intelligent Enterprise. This journey is based on a single contract and the flexibility of a subscription-based model, which offers you total peace of mind as a customer.

S/4MOVE, the personalised methodology

You may, however, prefer to opt for a more traditional approach, where you maintain control. Ctac can act as your partner, and guide and support you on your path to successful S/4HANA implementation. Ctac S/4MOVE’s strength lies above all in our customer and sector knowledge.

SAP Rise implementation methodology

To make the transition to S/4HANA smooth and painless, SAP has introduced a new approach: SAP RISE. Put simply, it’s a collection of tools and services that allow your organisation to easily migrate to S/4HANA and then work on getting the most out of the system. SAP calls it Business Transformation as a Service, which enables your organisation to take an important step closer to becoming an Intelligent Enterprise.

The five components of RISE

With SAP RISE, SAP offers a full package of optional services that make the implementation of S/4HANA – and working with it to maximum effect – as simple as possible. The RISE concept consists of five components:

  • Hosting on the SAP S/4HANA Public or Private Cloud
  • Various tools and services – including a Readiness Check – to carry out the actual migration, with assistance from an SAP Partner
  • SAP Business Process Intelligence to (re)model your business processes
  • SAP Business Technology Platform, a cloud platform with a sandbox of smart applications
  • SAP Business Network, including access to the Ariba Network and Asset Intelligence Network

Pay-per-use under a single contract

You choose which components of SAP RISE you purchase. The new factor here is that all these components are covered by a single contract, instead of separate ones as in the past. You only pay for what you use. SAP offers a full, standardised package to easily migrate to S/4HANA, with the assistance of a partner such as Ctac.

S/4MOVE implementation methodology

You may prefer not to use a subscription model like SAP RISE, but instead opt for a more traditional licensing model – whether that’s in the cloud or not. One reason could be that this kind of model offers you greater freedom to adapt the ERP to your specific situation. In that case, SAP RISE is not an option, but Ctac can still assist you with a proven migration method, our Ctac S/4MOVE. This method consists of the following five steps:


1.     Inspiration and vision

To fully understand the benefits of SAP S/4HANA, we let you experience them for yourself. One way we do this is with the S/4HANA Simulation Game, where you must overcome different business challenges using S/4HANA and experiencing the options it can offer. We also take a look at your organisation’s current situation and determine your roadmap to S/4HANA together.

2.     Preparation

In this step, we map out your organisation’s readiness for implementing S/4HANA by analysing whether your current implementation still adequately supports your business processes. We run assessments of your current IT systems. In this phase, we also explore the migration scenario. Is converting your current system the best option (Brownfield implementation), or should we start again with a clean slate (Greenfield implementation)? Ctac’s quick scan clearly outlines the current situation, so we can provide tailored advice on the next steps and gain a clear overview of the impact of the switch.

3.     Future-proof architecture

It’s time to determine which direction you want your organisation to head towards. What should the final version of your ERP system and associated processes look like? We map out the future landscape, including the supporting systems.

4.     Implementation

This is when you make the switch to S/4HANA. Thanks to our extensive SAP knowledge and years of experience in our specialist sectors, we know exactly which aspects we need to take into account. We also support your employees through the adoption of the new way of working with S/4HANA.

5.     Streamlining

Once the implementation is complete, it’s time to reap more benefits from making the switch. These include improving the S/4HANA user experience by extending the use of Fiori, replacing customised options in your processes by gradually embracing standard S/4HANA functionality throughout your organisation, or activating innovations and implementing desirable process improvements using new S/4HANA functionalities.

Ctac SAP S/4HANA implementations and migrations

Read about our customers’ experiences with SAP S/4HANA projects in detail in these reference cases.

Meet the Ctac SAP S/4HANA team

The members of our Dutch SAP S/4HANA team are ideally placed to help you take your business to the next level. But they have much more to offer than their knowledge of SAP. Like superb fitness. A desire to travel. Or a volunteering spirit as first aiders. We’d like to introduce you to the team. Get to know our team members, discover what they do in their spare time, and find out how it can benefit you.

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What customers say about Ctac

"The great thing about Ctac is that the same people who helped us with the planning also took care of the implementation. As a result, we were on the same page and operated on a basis of trust. We are true partners.""
Jonny Coulon
"Sometimes you want to be able to drill down into specific numbers on a report in order to view the underlying data. The embedded analytics in SAP S/4HANA make this easy to do"
Tom van der Molen
SAP Finance Consultant
"Ctac offered the best combination of service, price and flexibility. We can now easily upscale or downscale our hosting depending on our usage."
Gijs Bleeker
ICT Director
Three Belgian branches are now running on SAP S/4HANA, the next-gen ERP system from SAP. Ctac enabled Jumbo to build all the financial and logistical reports they need, without any help from external parties.

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