Application Management

Your IT systems are the beating heart of your organisation. Ctac’s Application Management keeps that heart healthy and strong.

Ron Janssen

Sales Director

Rely on optimally functioning IT systems

Support with technical and functional application management

Remote, on site and project based

Application Management: keep all your systems online, up to date and flexible

Technology is continuing to evolve, and customer needs are constantly changing – just like the demands of the business. On the one hand, this requires IT systems to be maintained perfectly. On the other, it requires flexible systems that are constantly evolving in this changing world.

The driving force behind your organisation

If your systems are working well, they will be the driving force behind your organisation’s success. This does mean that you have to take care of that environment. Your IT needs maintenance. Any problems must be dealt with quickly and efficiently. And if your customers’ wishes change, your software must be able to meet those wishes seamlessly.

A focus on innovation

This agility requires constant innovation and upgrades. It requires customised solutions, the right setup and configuration of your systems, and a focus on continuity, customer care and optimal infrastructure. However, this also means proactive action in terms of application life cycle management (for example upgrades and patches), security management, performance analysis and performance tuning.

Technical and functional application management

Ctac supports you with strong services in technical and functional application management of on-premises, private and public cloud platforms.

SAP and Microsoft expertise

Ctac combines in-depth SAP and Microsoft expertise with knowledge of your business processes. And a strong focus on improvement. We provide our services remotely, on site and on a project basis. We work with specialised partners where necessary. Depending on your wishes, Ctac will take over all management or act as an extension of the IT department by offering specific expertise and services.

With Ctac’s Application Management, you can ensure your organisation has healthy IT systems. You will reduce the risk of malfunctions and adapt to changing technologies and customer requirements in a flexible way. To find out more about Ctac’s Application Management, get in contact with us.


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