Microsoft Licence and Spend Management

With Ctac's Microsoft Licence and Spend Management, you avoid purchasing too many, too few or the wrong Microsoft licences.
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Keep track of all your Microsoft licences

With Ctac’s Microsoft Licence and Spend Management, you avoid purchasing too many, too few or the wrong Microsoft licences while gaining more control and a better overview of all your software licences.

No need to worry about software licences with Microsoft Licence and Spend Management

Maintaining a good overview of all licences for your company’s Microsoft solutions is essential for avoiding unnecessary costs. To help you keep track, Ctac offers various types of support under Microsoft Licence and Spend Management.

Microsoft Cloud and Azure Cost Management

The Microsoft Cloud offers a whole host of solutions and services. Gaining a clear overview of all your licences is therefore no easy task. There are many different types of subscriptions and services, some of which are activated at a tenant level and others only at a user level. In addition, it’s important to keep track of Azure Cost Management. When the use of Azure increases within your organisation, it’s crucial to understand how costs develop to allow you to keep a keen eye on and optimise your budget. Ctac helps you to monitor all of your Microsoft Cloud licences, understand the Azure Cost Management cycle and implement this in your organisation.

Licence Consult

Licence Consult is entry-level support for licence management. A Licence Consult meeting lasts for an hour and a half, and involves sitting down together to determine the potential opportunities and risks for your organisation based on our knowledge and experience. We then use the results of this discussion to define the next steps and agree on timelines and actions to take.

Assistance with Microsoft audits

Has Microsoft just announced an audit and you need help making sure you’re on the right track? Ctac can guide you through the whole process and will be by your side throughout the discussions. We can also offer proactive support by helping you prepare for the audit, explaining how a Microsoft audit takes place and what it’s wise to have available in terms of fundamental processes and information within an organisation. We can also organise a workshop so your organisation can be fully prepared well in advance.

Advice for concluding a Microsoft contract

Ctac supports many organisations as a trusted adviser when it comes to concluding Microsoft contracts. We also share knowledge with such organisations so that everyone knows what a contract entails and what impact the most common changes will have. Being aware of the impact is crucial when it comes to making better decisions regarding changes to contracts.

Do you need help with gaining a better overview of all your Microsoft software licences or how you use Azure? Or would you like advice on which licences are best for you to purchase? Ctac will be happy to advise you on licence management for all your Microsoft solutions, so feel free to get in touch.


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