Programme and Change Management

Rely on experienced programme and change managers to make your strategic change programme a success.

Wil Daniëls

Program Manager / Project Manager at Purple Square

Use our extensive experience in programme and change management

Easily take your organisation through critical changes

Maximise the chances of a successful programme

Programme and Change Management: lead your programme successfully

A programme is a journey to achieve strategic goals. You need experienced programme or change managers to manage such a strategic change programme and have it accepted within your organisation. Ctac can help you with this.

Achieve more results with experienced programme managers

Our programme managers know which steps are best to reach your organisation’s objectives. They assess which results can be achieved quickly in order to generate momentum and faith in the objectives for your organisation. They also keep conveying the importance of the programme and the associated changes with conviction. This shows everyone why the project and everyone’s contributions are important as well as what this will deliver.

A programme for Philips as an example

Philips is a multinational that has adopted a long-term programme to change strategic direction. The Eindhoven company is transforming from a manufacturer of various technical goods such as TVs, audio and video equipment and MRI scanners to a health tech company focusing on big data, software and services in order to achieve success and growth.

Change managers are crucial for a swift adoption

Good change management is essential for the acceptance of the new situation and for the development of new skills for a successful transition. Our programme or change managers will follow the right change strategy for the type of transition and your organisation’s culture. It may be wise to hire both a programme manager and a change manager, as this allows the managers to focus on their own specialities and to complement each other during the entire process.

Use Ctac’s experienced programme and change managers to ensure your programme runs smoothly. To find out more, do not hesitate to get in touch.


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