SAP Licence Management

Keep track of and manage your SAP licences with no trouble thanks to Ctac's SAP Licence Management.

Martijn van Eijl

Senior Account Manager

Complete control over your SAP licences

Don’t be put off by the complexity of the different types of SAP licences and models. Keep track of and manage your SAP licences with no trouble thanks to Ctac’s SAP Licence Management.

SAP Licence Management: benefit from our knowledge and experience with SAP licences

At first glance, SAP licence models can seem complicated. There are several types of licence and licence models, such as Software as a Service (SaaS) and named users, Digital Access on transaction volumes or based on turnover. How do you know which model you should use and which one would be best for your organisation? And how can you maintain an overview while avoiding unnecessary costs? Ctac will be happy to help.

Advice on the best SAP licence agreement

Ctac is a Value Added Reseller (VAR) in the field of SAP licences. We will be happy to use our years of experience with SAP and SAP licences to advise you on which SAP licence agreement best suits your situation. In addition, we look at your organisation’s current requirements and also make sure that the chosen licence agreement is tailored to your future needs.

Scan: get the most out of your current licence agreement

If you already have a contract with SAP, it may be worthwhile switching to S/4HANA to convert the current SAP licences into another type or agreement, for example. This is particularly interesting if you’ve purchased licences you don’t (or no longer) use. We can run an in-depth scan to make sure your current contract is as future-proof as possible and you get the most out of your SAP licences. Ctac can also advise on the benefits in the field of investments (on the booking of licence fees for your SAP Cloud applications, for example). Think about which parts of the licence fees fall under capital expenses (Capex) and which fall under operating expenses (Opex).


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