Private, hybrid or public cloud?

Discover the most suitable cloud environment for your organisation with the help of Ctac's specialist experience and expertise.

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Always the best suited cloud environment for your organisation, now and in the future

Benefit from our extensive knowledge and experience with all kinds of cloud infrastructures

Rely on the secure Ctac Private Cloud or integrate all your applications on one centralised Azure platform

Private, hybrid or public cloud: discover the best choice for your organisation

The cloud offers many advantages for your organisation, including greater agility, a pay-per-use plan and storage capacity that can be scaled up with ease. Switching to the cloud is therefore a wise choice. But would you go for a private cloud or public cloud, or perhaps you prefer a hybrid form? Ctac will be happy to support you in your choice.

Deciding on the best cloud infrastructure together

Ctac provides cloud infrastructure services from its own private cloud and from the public clouds of Microsoft and SAP. Together, we can determine which cloud infrastructure suits your organisation best. We will take your current application landscape into account, for example when deciding the most suitable approach to take for including all applications. We will also be looking towards the future: which cloud infrastructure will enable your organisation to grow as much as possible?

Private, public or hybrid?

Together we will discover what type of cloud environment suits your organisation best. For the time being, it may be wise to simply move existing on-premise applications to a private or public cloud environment with a lift-and-shift approach. That’s how you create a flexible infrastructure. You will no longer have to invest in hardware, you will only pay for what you use, and you will immediately benefit from the cloud’s upscaling and downscaling advantages.

In the next step, we can rebuild one or more applications in the cloud in order to get even more benefits from the relevant cloud platform. We will also look at which applications are available as a Software as a Service from the software supplier. This will often result in a hybrid cloud infrastructure. Ctac has a lot of experience with this and is ideally suited to supply and manage the various cloud infrastructures. We can also integrate the various applications and cloud infrastructures with each other.

Secure Ctac Private Cloud

Ctac has its own private cloud. We have powerful servers in five data centres in the Netherlands from where we offer various flexible, secure cloud infrastructure services. Many of our customers have a hybrid application landscape that uses multiple cloud infrastructures. In addition to our own private cloud, we also supply cloud solutions by our partners Microsoft and SAP.

Versatile Azure Cloud

Azure Public Cloud also offers many advantages, for example if you want multiple applications working closely together. If you want to provide smart data analyses with Power BI for instance, running your SAP system on Azure can be a sensible option, as this will ensure optimal access and speed. The same applies if you want to improve ease of use with Power Apps or if you are planning an integration of Microsoft Teams with SAP. Azure allows you to combine these applications seamlessly and enjoy the platform’s other benefits.

Your choice of private, public or hybrid cloud infrastructure will depend on your current application landscape and your objectives for the future. Ctac will be happy to help you choose the right cloud environment. If you would like to find out more, feel free to get in touch.


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