Modern Workplace

Offer your employees the best possible digital workplace with more efficient, secure processes and easy online collaboration.

Ron Janssen

Sales Director

Increase your business productivity

Choose a secure digital workplace that is always up to date

Get the most out of your cloud solutions

Modern Workplace: get the best from your team

Modern Workplace is a streamlined digital environment where employees can work together securely, comfortably and efficiently using various devices. With Modern Workplace, you enable your employees to get the best out of themselves and their colleagues.

By working together within a single, shared system, work processes become more efficient. In addition, the cloud solutions in Modern Workplace ensure security and compliance, and protect business-critical data within your organisation. Ctac helps you get the best out of Modern Workplace. We teach employees to get to grips with the technology and make it part of the way they work.

Here’s what we can do for you:

1.    Business Productivity

Increase your organisation’s productivity by using Microsoft solutions such as Teams, SharePoint, Power Apps and Power Automate in smarter ways. Ctac helps you do this based around four themes:

People & Adoption
How can these solutions support users in their activities, and how do they become part of daily routines?

How can you best use new or existing technologies? Choose future-proof solutions and avoid overlapping products.

How do you handle security and compliance while staying in control?

Software Licence Management
How can you benefit the most from the different types of licence?

2.    Modern Workplace Management

Ctac manages and configures your devices and keeps them secure. We take care of the full life cycle management for your desktop applications, and involve users in changes.

3.    End User Support

A single call for all your technical and functional questions about Microsoft 365 applications and Windows. If something suddenly stops working, our support team will help your end users to get up and running again.

4.    Virtual Desktop

Ctac offers you a rich and secure virtual desktop environment that we manage for you in its entirety.

Microsoft Solutions Partner

Ctac has recently earned Microsoft recognition in multiple categories, including Modern Work, Security, and Infrastructure. Additionally, Ctac specializes in Azure Virtual Desktop. These accolades are backed by a significant number of certifications, with a total of 56 certifications currently held by Ctac. This number is expected to continue to grow in the near future.

To equip your organisation with the best possible working conditions, find out more about Ctac’s Modern Workplace options. Contact us to discuss what configuration will benefit your organisation most.


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