Business Productivity

Powerful support for productivity and collaboration

Annemieke Matyas

Senior Consultant

Digital workplace and your business productivity

How can you support this dynamic way of working while effectively meeting the day-to-day challenges of working in a modern organisation? How can you prevent information overload and help people to work effectively and be as productive as possible every day?

Employee facilitation calls for smart digital solutions that are optimally aligned with working methods. It calls for tools that put the user first and which are fully capable of meeting the daily challenges of working in a knowledge environment – from collaborating efficiently with colleagues to sharing documents and data.

Prepare your organisation for the future

Do you know what your organisation will look like in five years’ time? Will you still have an office? Your business management is conducted online, and your teams are increasingly working in the cloud. Working from anywhere, at any time on any device is the new reality for most companies. To make this way of working possible in your organisation, you have to make certain decisions. What is the best way to help your employees so that your organisation is ready for the future?

Ctac CAPS cloud-to-cloud backup ensures the complete security of your Microsoft 365 data. With the automated backup of Ctac CAPS to a physical, independent and secure location, you always have access to your data - even if there are failures in the SaaS application. Easy billing according to pay-per-use, in other words according to the really secured users. This Backup-as-a-Service is a complete solution with all the trimmings (storage, update service, redundant data centers, unlimited retention time according to individual requirements, DSGVO compliant) - no extra costs!


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