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Enable every customer contact to contribute successfully to an optimal customer experience with Ctac CX Packages.

Danny Pieters

Business Development Manager

Effectively improve the customer experience with our unique Ctac CX Packages

Benefit from years of knowledge and experience in improving the customer experience at various organisations

Create a lasting interest in your products and services

Customer Experience: put your customer in the spotlight anytime, anywhere

Every customer contact is an opportunity to shed a positive light on your company or organisation before your customer. This includes your web page, emails with personal offers, conversations with helpdesk staff and visits by service technicians. Every contact contributes to an optimal customer experience in which you put your customer first and aim to impress.

To do this well, you need to approach and inform your customers in the right way in every situation. And to that effect, you need to enable your organisation to provide the best service to your customers anytime, anywhere. This will keep your customers interested in your services and products. So how do you do approach this?

Solutions for a better customer experience

Ctac will help you with the right solutions for improving the customer experience (CX). Our Ctac CX Packages support your staff in their sales and service processes, giving them more time to focus on their customers. This comprehensive approach combines the lessons learned from the implementation and optimisation processes in order to improve the customer experience. Our CX Packages are based on standard SAP Cloud solutions.

Streamlined implementation and maximum acceptance

Ctac CX Packages optimise your business processes and support your staff in their day-to-day activities. We will handle the configuration, knowledge transfer and project management

and prepare the solution for your staff in no time. We provide training materials, test scripts and documentation to ensure a streamlined implementation and maximum acceptance within your organisation.

Ensure the optimal customer experience and continue to surprise your customers with our Ctac CX Packages. To find out more about our Ctac CX Packages, contact us.


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