Sales Management

Enable an effective sales process: integrate your applications, achieve a complete customer view and make it easier for sales staff to work together.

Rik Linck

Manager New Business

Improve the collaboration between internal and external departments

Gain a complete picture of your customers by integrating customer information from all your applications

Reduce administrative actions and enable your staff to proactively anticipate customer needs

Sales Management: make the collaboration between your internal and external departments better than ever

Many organisations use different applications to register information about customers and commercial activities. The result is that these organisations do not have a clear picture of their customers and ongoing processes, and the collaboration between internal and external departments never reaches its potential.

Access to relevant and up-to-date customer information

To ensure efficient and effective customer contact between your account and sales managers, internal sales and customer service on the one hand, and your customers on the other, it is essential that your staff have access to relevant and up-to-date customer information. You can only achieve this by creating a complete picture of your customers, and that in turn can only be done by integrating customer information from different applications.

Getting started with SAP CX Sales Cloud

A well-designed customer experience (CX) solution will help you overcome your sales challenges. SAP CX Sales Cloud is such a solution – the various functionalities for managing accounts and contacts, registering activities and visits and generating opportunities and sales quotes will make your sales staff’s work much easier. Other examples include the integration with your email application, a smartphone app and the standard integration with your SAP back-end application.

You will optimise your sales cycles, gain insight into the sales pipeline, reduce and simplify administrative actions in terms of sales and facilitate the sharing of information between colleagues.

Make effective sales simpler and enable your sales staff to successfully contribute to an excellent customer experience. To find out more about Ctac Sales Management, contact us for more information.


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