Service & Field Service Management

Gain insight into relevant and up-to-date information about installations, customers and service staff – anytime, anywhere.

Rik Linck

Manager New Business

Gain an excellent overall picture of customers, installations and available service staff

Avoid duplicate data entry and simplify scheduling, follow-up and monitoring

Resolve service notifications more quickly to increase customer satisfaction

Service & Field Service Management: achieve maximum control of your installations, service staff and customers

Many organisations keep information on customers, installations and service staff in separate applications that are not integrated with each other. This leads to a lot of problems, as it means that there is no way of getting a clear overall picture of your customers and the installations you are maintaining. It also offers you insufficient insight into your service staff’s availability and skills. Your staff are asked to enter data in several places, and the scheduling, follow-up and monitoring take a lot of time and effort.

Consequences for the customer experience

Decentralised information storage also has major consequences for the customer experience. It is important that your customer has a clear picture of your organisation, regardless of the channel your customer is using. Whether your customer registers a report on a web page, contacts customer services, reports an incident with a QR code on a device or receives a technician on site, reports must always be handled and resolved quickly and appropriately. Preventive maintenance must be scheduled and carried out as agreed. So how do you approach all this?

Importance of up-to-date information about service processes

Ctac will help you to become a successful service organisation. Such a service organisation has well-defined business processes and up-to-date, relevant information on installations, service history and current notifications, for example. This data is visible to all staff and in the case of self-service processes is also accessible by customers. With the right information, you can communicate adequately with the customer in order to serve them efficiently and effectively.

A successful service organisation is also aware of the current availability of service staff and ensures good problem analyses and planning. This will help you resolve notifications quickly and effectively in order to improve customer satisfaction.

Ctac offers solutions to resolve the decentralisation of information in your service organisation, allowing you to significantly improve customer satisfaction. To find out more about Service & Field Service Management, contact us.


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