Data Engineering & Architecture

Analytics is hot! Organisations are increasingly using analytics, which is fast becoming an ever more important priority.

Danny Pieters

Business Development Manager

Data Engineering and Architecture: we give sound advice based on experience

Analytics is hot! Organisations are increasingly using analytics, which is fast becoming an ever more important priority. We see in the field that companies are already applying data-driven practices or are planning to get started with this soon. This development also makes it increasingly important to properly organise the data and analytics architecture.

However, every organisation is different, and every client has different wishes. It’s therefore important that you get a very clear picture of the requirements and you know what your organisation wants to do and can do. This involves data storage, integration issues, functionality, security and innovations.

How do you set up a healthy agile environment for analytics?

Ctac works on different architectural issues every day and can advise you based on your specific customer situation and wishes. If you want to get started with Embedded Analytics, data quality, performance and security are important. If you are focusing on transferring data to a data warehouse, integration with extractors, master data and modelling will come into play. If the data is composed of third-party data sets, databases and data lakes, we will use Data Engineering.

You may wish to manage things yourself or let us handle everything. You may opt for extensive innovations or for now you may simply be interested in thorough reporting. We start from the reference architecture and assess how mature the organisation’s analytics are. These factors will shape your ideal analytics. From this starting point, we determine your organisation’s spot on the horizon together.

The SAP Roadmap serves as the basis for our journey. What functionalities do we get out of the box with S/4HANA, for example? And what new developments are available on the platform, such as SAP Analytics Cloud, BW/4HANA, Data Warehouse Cloud and Data Intelligence? And finally, which functionalities are already present in the platform or applications?

Ctac helps with expertise, experience and innovation. We advise organisations on systems, from Embedded Analytics in HANA to extensive platform choices on the Business Technology Platform. Together, we create an architecture that works for you.


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