Self Service Analytics

Knowledge, data blending and storylines are the key to turn collected data into valuable information.

Roy van den Wollenberg

Senior Business Development Manager

Self-Service Analytics: knowledge, data blending and storylines

The business is playing an increasingly important role in making the right decisions in analytics-based business processes. In the past, the emphasis was often on collecting data, but nowadays putting the data together has become far more important. Knowledge, data blending and storylines are the key to turn collected data into valuable information.

The business as a driving force

Because the business itself knows exactly what they want to control and understands the processes within the organisation, it can see where any deviations arise and where the opportunities for improvement are greatest. The business can use this knowledge to set up powerful storylines. These storylines (dashboards with the most common scenarios) are the basis for your organisation’s management, planning and strategy for the future. The business therefore plays an increasingly important role in the use of analytics.

However, this does not happen by itself. If data comes from different systems, it is important to compile the data properly in a controlled way. The data quality must be right, complex adjustments and calculations must be carried out automatically and security must be very strong. Once this step has been completed and there is a solid foundation, it is a pleasure to get started.

Business users can then use drag and drop to put together data sets and add data themselves (data blending). This enables end users to model things in a much more flexible way and make adjustments in the storylines, giving your organisation the opportunity to carry out in-depth, ad-hoc analyses to gain completely new insights.

Become agile with analytics in the cloud

In recent years, the availability of analytics in the cloud has boosted self-service capabilities. Retrieving data from data lakes, the option of endless combinations in data sets and the presentation of information on all kinds of devices makes analytics child’s play. Ctac helps clients to get started with this quickly. It does so by working on a solid foundation, applying SAP source knowledge and the Ctac business template method. We train employees in the latest analytics tools, such as Datawarehouse Cloud and SAP Analytics Cloud, and of course we also share our extensive experience. If your organisation uses Microsoft Azure and the Power Platform, our knowledge and template method also offers a solution.


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