Data Life Cycle Management

Improve the quality of your data and ensure streamlined migration to allow your organisation to make the best use of data.

Jamie Broeren

Senior New Business Manager

Improve the quality of your data with context and structure

Eliminate the costs of repairing damage caused by poor-quality data

Opt for the certainty of professional data migration

Data Life Cycle Management: always get maximum value from your data

If you have a data management policy in place and you’ve translated rules and guidelines into specific activities and measures, it’s time for the next step: actually implementing data management and creating value.

However, data only provides added value when it has context and structure. Without additional information, it’s almost impossible to classify, record, access, secure, archive or delete data.

A good example of this is a product image. Without additional information – such as its name, identification number, type of image, size and validity date – it’s impossible to determine whether this image can be used in a particular sales channel, and for which product variants.

Data Quality Management

To reap the benefits of your data management, you need to be certain that the data is reliable. You do this by improving data quality with agreed assignations of tasks and responsibilities, the right process design and ancillary applications. Ensuring data quality does cost time and money, but much less than the effort and cost of repairing the damage caused by poor-quality data.

Data Migration Services

Data migration is sometimes seen as a side-effect of a project. Something that “we just have to do to get it finished”. But that’s a misconception. Projects can also fail due to sub-standard data migration. This is due to the often large volumes of data associated with implementing a new application, replacing a database or integrating a newly purchased business unit. Correcting errors in such a large volume of data takes a lot of time, and faulty migration can have a major impact on business processes.

That’s why you should take your data migration seriously. Ctac Data Migration Services can help you with this. Working with your organisation, we prepare a plan for the migration and clean-up of data, based on ETL principles. And we select the tools that will work best for your project.

Do you want to get full value from all your data? Ctac has extensive experience in improving and checking data quality, setting up data processes and workflows, and supervising data migrations. Contact us to discuss how we can help you.


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