Product Content Management

Streamline your product and brand content across all your channels for a consistent and successful customer experience. Discover Ctac's PIM and DAM solutions.

Danny Pieters

Business Development Manager

Manage your product and brand information centrally and easily

Improve the quality of your brand and product data

Provide customers with complete real-time information across all your channels

Product Content Management: the foundation of a consistent customer experience

In the Unified Commerce era, consistent and complete product and brand information is increasingly important. In order to provide customers with good quality and relevant information, many different elements need to come together.

There are many factors to consider when describing a product. It should appeal to the target group, be easy to grasp, summarise the benefits of the features, bring the product experience alive, contain the right words for SEO and above all, be complete. In short, a product description tells a story.

For your brand identity, too, the many pieces in the puzzle must all fall into place. After all, your identity is the visible part of your organisation on the market and conveys your core values. This includes the house style, design choices, colourways and logos in everything you publish. It’s important for your brand experience to be consistent across every channel.

Product Information Management (PIM) and Digital Asset Management (DAM)

In practice, product information is still too often managed in a number of systems. This is prone to errors, leads to fragmented data and wastes time when seeking for and using information.

With a product information management system (PIM), you can manage your product information from a single platform. All your product information is consistent and it’s easy to publish product information in all sales channels. In PIM systems, such as inRiver PIM, you can also manage all the product-related digital assets, such as photos, videos and certificates.

Positioning your products and brand while providing the best customer experience, however, requires more than just product-related content. Your digital brand content and corporate information also needs to be consistent and complete. You can efficiently manage these digital assets and content in a DAM system, such as Bynder.

PIM and DAM systems work together to help you supply consistent, complete product and brand information. With the right integration, they will also work together seamlessly.

Ctac can help you make the most of your product information and digital assets by using PIM and DAM solutions. Real-time information at all the touchpoints enables you to create the ideal customer experience.


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