Digital Innovation Journey

Make technological innovation tangible and create an innovation culture in your organisation.

Frank Koppen

Director of Business Development & Innovation

Add value with new technologies

Achieve a distinctive product, service or solution in six steps

Innovate in a structured, successful way

Digital Innovation Journey: from idea to innovation in six steps

Ctac helps organisations to take a structured approach to exploring the possibilities and added value provided by new technologies. We do this with a roadmap for innovation.

We believe that innovations should start in a small, affordable and manageable way. Proof of Value (PoV) immediately shows results and feedback for possible next steps. If the idea works, we continue and we roll out the innovation in a broader sense.

Together with your innovation team, we will go through six phases:

1.    Inspire

You will quickly become acquainted with a wide range of new technologies and possible applications based on your business opportunities and challenges. This is how you get lots of ideas and inspiration.

2.    Explore

How can the technologies in phase one add value to your organisation? Together with the business owners, we will devise various applications and select the most useful ones. At the end of the Explore phase, we will select one or several ideas from a range of specific, innovative options.

3.    Discover

In this phase, we will take a critical look at our ideas together. How desirable, achievable and viable is the idea that we have chosen? Do colleagues, suppliers and customers actually need our solution? How will the solution strengthen the business? And is it technically feasible? If the answers are yes, we will proceed to phase four.

4.    Design

This is when we design the solution. During a Design Thinking workshop, we will take a practical approach to determine what the solution will look like, step by step. This tells us what needs to be built in practice and what value this can potentially add.

5.    Deliver

Based on all the information from the previous phases, we will work together for a week to develop a fully functional solution prototype that you can test on a limited scale.

6.    Solution adoption

Finally, we will help you to implement and roll out the new solution in your organisation. During this phase, we will focus on the processes and the people who will be using the solution. This ensures that your organisation will embrace the innovation and the solution will become an integral part of your business operations. We never lose sight of the positive business case!

If you want help to develop a great idea or you want to see proof of value, Ctac will be happy to help you with a customised Digital Innovation Journey. Contact us to start your journey.


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