Internet of Things

Stay connected to your equipment, customers and employees at all times. Optimise your manufacturing efficiency. And make sure your business is proactive instead of reactive.

Gerben Moerland


Improve the efficiency of your equipment, boost productivity among your staff and increase customer satisfaction

Carry out predictive maintenance and limit unforeseen downtime and costs

Proactive business management

Internet of Things: always connected

The Internet of Things is becoming increasingly common in industrial and business environments. As lots of equipment is now fitted with sensors, companies are able to gather large quantities of usage data. Think, for example, of the number of revolutions made by a conveyor belt or the number of hours light bulbs are switched on. You can analyse this usage data and use it to optimise your production and make predictions. Companies that master this process, known as Connected Enterprises, then have the advantage of having real-time information at their fingertips. One such example is the Smart Tap from Palm Breweries.

Connected Enterprise

Connected Enterprises are constantly in touch with their ecosystem thanks to sensors and smart software, allowing them to make optimal use of raw materials and manufacturing resources. As a result, they instantly know the impact of the use intensity, calibration or downtime when it comes to equipment. They can then make informed decisions and act in a proactive instead of a reactive manner. One such example is predictive maintenance, where maintenance is carried out based on the expected life cycle of components.

Put data to good use in no time

Ctac can help you establish the Internet of Things in your organisation. We can help you draw up comprehensive use cases and – thanks to our extensive network of technology partners – can provide you with the necessary connectivity and integration between sensors and devices. What’s more, we can also help you to collect data and convert it into insights that improve your company processes.

If you are curious about what the Internet of Things can mean for your organisation, Ctac will help you become a Connected Enterprise. Feel free to get in touch.


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