Integrate your individual applications or different cloud environments. This ensures information is always available, making it easier to work efficiently.

Frederick Souhoka

Integration architect

Ensure a smooth exchange of information between different systems

Enable your employees to work more efficiently with all essential information at their fingertips

Rely on the knowledge of experienced Ctac architects and integration specialists

Integration: all information available at the right time in the right place

In most organisations, IT landscapes consist of a collection of individual applications. They sometimes also include various cloud environments, which makes sharing and offering insight into information rather complex. A solid integration platform is therefore crucial for your organisation, as it allows you to manage the exchange of data between applications or clouds, and ensures that necessary information is available at the right time in the right place within your organisation.

Appropriate integration platform

Ctac can help your organisation to set up a suitable and modern integration platform. To give you the best possible advice, we first discuss your wishes and ambitions, and we map out your organisation’s IT landscape.

After that, our architects and experienced integration specialists can create and set up the platform based on our best practices. This includes using the products of our partners SAP and Boomi.

Cloud integration crucial for efficient operations

Even if your organisation uses different cloud environments, information needs to be able to go back and forth between different environments without any issues. You may also want to link systems that are not yet in the cloud. By ensuring your systems speak the same language, you create a robust infrastructure that forms the backbone of your business management.

Integration of data, applications, processes and security in the cloud

We have defined different integration layers for the integration of multiple clouds.

  • Data integration: The data in your systems needs to be reliable. That is why reliable and consistent data is important, no matter where it is located.
  • Application integration: You will work even more efficiently if all your applications can be integrated seamlessly with your cloud landscape and easily retrieve information from and save information on your online systems.
  • Process integration: Your business processes often involve the use of multiple systems. An optimal user experience therefore requires systems that work seamlessly with proper process control ‘across’ the systems.
  • Security integration: Your data needs to be secure. This means you need to protect your system landscape against all sorts of major and minor threats. This protection ranges from identity management in order to prevent unauthorised use of your systems to shielding your systems from viruses and hackers.

(Cloud) integration: added value for your organisation

Ctac knows the pitfalls of (cloud) integration. And we know how to avoid them. The ultimate goal is to optimally integrate your data, applications and processes, and to keep your organisation agile and in control. This means integration is not a stumbling block, but rather adds value to your organisation.

Ctac will also be happy to assist you after the implementation process. We offer a range of services and solutions to monitor and manage your integration processes.

The integration of applications and cloud environments makes your organisation stronger and better. This requires a thorough approach. To find out about the integration possibilities in your organisation, contact us for more information.


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