Cyber Security

Cybercrime, hacking, data theft and sabotage can cause a great deal of damage. Ctac helps you keep your systems and data secure.
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Gain a strong overview of the flaws in your IT infrastructure

Take immediate action in case of attacks or suspicious behaviour

Rely on the support of experts in cybersecurity and related fields.

Security: assure the continuity of your business by keeping your systems and data secure

Cybersecurity has become a key topic for every organisation. Companies of all sizes can fall victim to digital troublemakers, hackers and criminals looking to steal knowledge, hard data, credit card details and customer information – or else find another way to hold your systems hostage. If you want to prevent data leaks and guarantee the continuity of your business, cybersecurity deserves your full attention.

Identify the weak spots in your systems

We will help you gain a good overview of the security level of your systems. One of the tools we use to do this is a Security Assessment. We have also developed various advanced scans for environments including SAP and Microsoft. These scans quickly reveal the weaknesses in your systems and the steps you should take to improve your system security.

If you are looking for a permanent solution, we can help you to monitor your systems 24/7. This makes it easier to detect and fend off digital threats quickly and effectively.

We also provide advice and consulting on security topics such as information and document classification, identity & access management, security awareness and implementation & management.

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