Security Advisory

Cyber security threats are the new normal. Ctac helps you to create a culture that prioritises data security.

Erwin van Beinum

Director Cybersecurity

Use Ctac’s support across all aspects of cybersecurity

Ensure the right people have access to the right data

Create a culture of information security

Security Advisory: effective support across all aspects of digital security

Working safely in the 21st century calls for more than secure systems that keep data in and hackers out. The systems and procedures must also ensure that your users exclusively have access to the information they need for their work. Employees also need to be aware of the security risks and how their devices and data should be handled. Our security experts can support you with all the various aspects of cybersecurity.

Information and document classification

Some of your organisation’s details are public. Certain documents are intended for employees only. Other documents should only be accessible by certain people within the organisation. Correct document classification ensures that the status of information is always clear, and prevents sensitive data from falling into the wrong hands. Ctac helps you to design and roll out an information and document classification system within your organisation.

Identity & Access Management

A secure IT environment allow you to determine exactly which colleagues or roles have access to certain systems or information. This ensures that people who have moved to different positions or different organisations can no longer access your data and systems. Ctac’s consultants will help you to set up environments in which the right people have access to the right systems.

Security Awareness

No matter how safe your systems are, people are often the weakest link. All it takes is for them to take their eye off the ball for one moment: a lost USB stick, a password on a post-it or a URL in a suspicious email can inadvertently cause a great deal of damage. We help you to create a culture where employees are aware of the digital hazards and can handle them in the right way. This significantly reduces the risk of security incidents.

Get in touch with us if you would like to know more about how we can support you and take your organisation’s cybersecurity to the next level.


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