Security Assessment

Identify vulnerabilities and provide a clear action plan.
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Gain insight into the security problems of your SAP or Microsoft environment

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Security Assessment: detect security problems in your Microsoft or SAP environment

All manner of vulnerabilities can develop in networks, systems and IT environments over time. A Ctac Security Assessment is a quick, effective way to test the status of your security measures.

We have developed various advanced scans for environments such as SAP and Microsoft. They are designed to quickly show you where your systems’ weaknesses lie and what steps and measures you can take to improve their security.

Security Assessment in 3 steps

A Security Assessment consists of 3 steps:

1.       Pre-scan and roadmap setup

2.       Insight into the technology gap

3.       Action plan and recommendations

In the first step, we use automated scanning and analyses to quickly detect vulnerabilities. Based on this data, you can then set priorities with ease and take the necessary steps to improve your security.

The scan also helps you to meet the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) requirements, and enables us to show you which technological measures you can take to become fully compliant.

Finally, we draw up a specific action plan and make recommendations. This gives you exactly what you need to safeguard the security of your systems and observe all legal requirements. In a final step, we summarise all our findings in a clear, detailed report.

If you want to prevent data leaks and cybercrime and meet the requirements of the GDPR, get in touch with us. We will be pleased to update you on our powerful security assessments for SAP and Microsoft environments.


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