Security Monitoring & Control

Prevent hacking, data breaches, espionage or sabotage by monitoring your entire IT environment and taking immediate action where necessary.
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Ensure the integrity of your systems and avoid data breaches

Gain a real-time overview of attacks and suspicious behaviour

Respond immediately and avert threats effectively

Security Monitoring & Control: detect suspicious behaviour and take immediate action

When you detect suspicious patterns, you need to act immediately to prevent data theft and ensure the integrity of your data. If you detect suspicious behaviour, immediate action is essential to prevent data theft and ensure the integrity of your data.

Ctac Security Monitoring & Control enables you to keep an eye on the security of your systems and networks. We use an advanced monitoring platform for this. The platform continuously monitors your IT environment and immediately detects any attacks or suspicious behaviour. The moment the system identifies a potential threat, our Security Response Team will take action to neutralise it.

Constant monitoring of your entire IT environment

The Monitoring Platform logs all events in your network, servers, databases and applications. The software analyses the events and establishes links between all types of event in your entire IT environment.

The platform offers detailed insights, statistics and alerts. Various predefined dashboards give you a real-time overview of acts of espionage and malicious behaviour by employees and/or advanced persistent threats (APTs). The system immediately informs the right people of any irregularities by email, Slack or text message. The platform’s extensive reports clearly display the relevant security information and assist you with ISO27000, SOX, PCI and GDPR compliance.

Ctac takes immediate action

Ctac can also help you ward off attacks. We take all the necessary steps remotely to keep your systems and data secure and therefore guarantee the continuity of your organisation. The experienced security experts in our Security Response Team are at your service.

If you wish to actively monitor your IT environment and take immediate action in the event of an incident, contact us to find out more about our Security Monitoring & Control services.


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