Unified Commerce

Exceed your customers' expectations by offering a seamless shopping experience, no matter how complex the customer journey.

Ivo van der Raad

Unified Commerce specialist

Integrate all your business channels and serve customers from a single, central platform

Offer a streamlined customer experience free from channels and devices

Respond to all your customers’ needs quickly and flexibly

Unified Commerce: provide an outstanding shopping experience

Today’s consumers have high expectations. Your customers expect a seamless experience from your webshop and payment right through to customer service. To make this a reality, you need systems that work well together, including a POS solution, webshop, ERP, CRM and integration into a marketplace. Before you know it, you’ve got a patchwork set-up of standalone and connected company applications, and responding quickly to your customers’ ever-changing needs is more challenging than ever.

Multiple channels, one shopping experience

That’s why we provide advice, run developments and carry out implementations based on the principle of Unified Commerce by Design, aiming for complete integration of your business channels so you can manage all your channels and data from a single, centralised platform. We achieve this by offering consumers a floating shopping basket that they can access at any time, irrespective of where or when the transaction is created or completed. Whether you’re dealing with online orders, click and collect or returns to another store, you can handle it all with the help of our Pricing & Promotion Engine, the XV Retail Suite, Omni Customer Loyalty and our Floating Basket.

Want to offer your customers a streamlined experience by serving them across all channels? Find out more about what we can do for you in the field of Unified Commerce.


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