XV Retail Suite

More than two thousand stores in nine European countries count on the reliability and speed of XV Retail every day.

Ivo van der Raad

Unified Commerce specialist

An excellent,user-friendly POS solution for all your checkout processes

Seamless, real-time integration with all aspects of your IT environment

A frictionless shopping experience with our POS, self-checkout and mobile solution

XV Retail: achieve Retail Excellence with a POS solution that fits

XV Retail is an excellent POS solution for centrally managed B2B and B2C food and non-food retailers that allows you to manage all your checkout processes. No matter how complex they are, wherever and whenever the transaction takes place, the consumer decides.

Hybrid cloud architecture

Thanks to our unique hybrid cloud architecture, XV Retail integrates in real time with OMS, CRM and loyalty systems, and connects effortlessly to other parts of your IT environment. If your store’s internet connection drops out, our POS, self-checkout (SCO) and mobile solution can continue offline, too. We also perform software updates during the day while the store is open, without causing any downtime. We do this without a store server, so it doesn’t matter how many stores and tills are involved.

A frictionless shopping experience

Your customers can create a shopping list at home, scan and check off items in the store on their mobile phone, and then check out at our SCO. This is just one of many scenarios supported by XV Retail. Help customers quickly and easily with the SCO Self Service app and perform an expiry date check remotely, for example, to create a frictionless shopping experience.

Designed for the international market

Our partnerships with Deloitte and Fiscal Solutions mean that cash till legislation holds no secrets for us. XV Retail has its own Fiscal Module, meaning the POS automatically complies with the legislation in the country in which it is being used. The Fiscal Module is also a plug-in that integrates with both fiscal cloud and fiscal hardware solutions from third parties. Tax receipts are stored in the XV Fiscal Back Office to provide a single overview across all countries.

Do you want to make paying for products as easy as possible, and are you looking for a solution that fully streamlines all your checkout processes, regardless of where the sale takes place? Find out about XV Retail and take the first step towards Retail Excellence and Unified Commerce.

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