As a result, digitalisation has led to a huge increase in the amount of data being generated, and it is now taking business units, departments and/or managers much more time to collect, create and enrich this data. In many cases, the data is governed by its own rules and definitions, some of which may be due to legislation and regulations. This leads to the creation of individual, or “own”, data sets, resulting in low data quality and inconsistencies.

In other words: managing this data is extremely important. But where do you start? Below are three data management pitfalls you should certainly avoid:

1. No ownership

Because we are quick to associate data with automation, it is often thought that data takes care of itself. We also tend to think that because data is collected by an entire organisation, each department is responsible for the data it collects. However, this results in different data sets that are managed inconsistently. By giving a specific person ownership of all data, you ensure the data is collected and managed in one place. A data steward or manager can be appointed specifically to ensure information is properly collected and catalogued, so the company can get the most out of it.

2. The data is not visual

Data is often collected in different forms and ways. It is frequently not organised and is collected over a longer period of time. In other words, while the organisation does have the data, its value remains unexploited until it is interpreted and visualised.

Raw data alone is no longer enough. While it may seem very simple and obvious, data becomes manageable when you turn it into graphs and tables. This allows you to interpret the data more effectively and actively use it as a basis for making strategic decisions.

3. The problem isn’t clearly defined

Of course, collecting and organising data is just the first step. If you don’t know what you want to use the data for, it has no value. Start by setting out a clear question: where can data offer insight into the specific challenges faced by my company?

Want to get started with data management?

This is our main area of focus at Ctac. We clearly define your problem together, enabling us to identify which data is required to solve the issue. We then start collecting, organising and enriching that data, so it can add genuine value to your organisation.

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