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An optimal digital work environment ensures productivity, business continuity and employee satisfaction. We help you get the most out of your modern work.
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A new way of working

Our way of working is changing. Traditional offices are giving way to digital work environments, and hybrid working is more the rule than an exception today. If you want to ensure productivity, security and satisfaction in your modern business, it is important to make sure your IT systems support your unique way of working. We help you get the most out of your modern workplace.


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Your workplace in development

A digital work environment is never complete. Technological developments follow each other in rapid succession, which means the wishes of your employees are also changing. For example, it is becoming increasingly important to create a workplace that facilitates internal and external collaboration and allows people to work in the best possible way. Ctac takes care of the design, set-up and daily management of your digital work environment. We make sure that your work environment is always up to date and is primarily geared towards productivity and employee satisfaction.

Microsoft 365

Increase productivity and facilitate collaboration in your organisation with Microsoft 365.

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Microsoft Teams

Simplify online knowledge sharing and collaboration for teams and projects with Microsoft Teams.

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A holistic approach to modern working practices

We take a broad approach to optimising your digital workplace. We take care of the procurement, installation and delivery of your hardware, we make sure you have the right software and the corresponding licences at your disposal, our helpdesk staff provide remote support and we help you get the most out of your software. We ensure that all touchpoints in your digital work environment are optimal, and we keep your systems secure. In other words, we make sure that your digital work environment works optimally and continuously.

Microsoft Solutions Partner

As a Microsoft Solutions Partner, we have designations in the categories of Modern Work, Security and Infrastructure. Ctac also specialises in Azure Virtual Desktop. Our designations are based, among other things, on a large number of certifications.

Your partner for your modern workplace

We combine our IT knowledge with business knowledge to create the optimal modern work environment for your employees, in which achieving business goals and guaranteeing satisfaction are never mutually exclusive. Our extensive experience in various industries means we know what it takes to bring about change and make an IT implementation a success for people. Can you use some help with designing your modern work environment?

Modern Work

Successful solutions in the Modern Work


You want to prevent data leaks and guarantee the continuity of your business. With our expertise in cybersecurity, you can keep your systems and data secure.

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Consultancy and advice

Ctac goes beyond the technology. We help you get the most from your organisation by thinking strategically and combining business with IT.

Professional Services

Manage projects more effectively and boost customer satisfaction with stable, continuous IT processes. We will use our extensive experience and expertise in professional services to help you.

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Modern Work at Ctac

We at Ctac are your partner for the modern workplace. As a Microsoft Solutions Partner, we ensure productivity and employee satisfaction for your business. From managing your hardware and cybersecurity to setting up your software and licences: together we get the most out of your modern work environment.

Ron Janssen

Cloud en Modern Work advisor