Microsoft Azure Public Cloud

Rely on the stable Microsoft Azure Public Cloud as the foundation for your organization and get to work with intelligent applications.
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The advantages of Microsoft Azure Public Cloud

Fast and accurate Azure Cloud deployment thanks to our proven Ctac Cloud Deployment Framework

Pay only for what you use in the cloud

Start easily with lift-and-shift and expand with Azure applications such as Power BI and Power Apps

Microsoft Azure Public Cloud: leveraging the power of Azure for your organisation

Microsoft Azure Public Cloud is a highly versatile and powerful cloud platform for all your applications. This makes it unnecessary to invest in expensive hardware. Ctac helps your organisation to get the most out of the Azure platform.

Switch to Azure with the Ctac Cloud Deployment Framework

Ctac has extensive experience in designing, building and maintaining IT landscapes on Azure. We use our own approach and tools to do this: the Ctac Cloud Deployment Framework. It is a standardised, proven approach and toolset for designing and installing a complete IT landscape on Microsoft Azure. The approach is based on the Microsoft Cloud Design Patterns.

More than just a cloud environment

Microsoft Azure offers a very extensive set of services that enable developers and IT professionals to build smart applications. This includes options such as Virtual Machines, storage, managed SQL databases, Kubernetes containers, BI solutions, data lakes, Power Apps, Internet of Things, artificial intelligence and advanced security services. Thanks to a global network of Microsoft data centres and redundant fibre-optic connections, you can always rely on speed and availability.

The advantages of the Microsoft Azure platform include:

  • Integration of Office and Business applications on one platform
  • Fast and flexible scaling up and down of the desired capacity
  • Automatically turning development servers on and off to save costs
  • Cloud spend management: manage your costs by paying based on your usage
  • Integration, security and as-a-service in one solution
  • Continuity of your business processes and systems in a multi-cloud environment
  • Available anytime, anywhere
Ctac as an implementation partner of Microsoft Azure

As a cloud integrator, Ctac always starts from your organisation’s needs: how can your organisation make the most of the cloud? We then match your wishes and needs with the available functionalities of Microsoft Azure. As a Tier 1 Microsoft CSP partner, we also provide Azure management services to proactively monitor and manage your cloud infrastructure 24/7 and to ensure it always has the latest patches and updates.

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