The most efficient use of man and machine starts with visibility of your margins and getting a grip on your processes. A strong and agile IT system forms the basis for a successful manufacturing company.
Create proactive insights
Streamline your digital supply chain
Integrate processes and machines
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Our view of the sector

End customers’ influence is growing, manufacturing companies are more likely to offer services rather than products, and with Industry 4.0, the technological potential seems unlimited. As a producer, you want the flexibility to respond to changes in market trends and demands. You want to keep your customers happy, meet your commitments and offer certainty – even when margins are under pressure. In order to continue to grow, it is essential to balance these contradictions correctly. We use our knowledge of the sector, applications and services to help you do so.

Integrated processes

As a manufacturer, having full visibility is important for your business management and for continuing to deliver quality. A reliable, rapid and easily-managed IT landscape provides the foundation you need. By making smart use of the systems and software in your production company, you can have seamless integration with the processes and machines on the shop floor, and make your production company agile. This makes it simple for you to respond to changes in the market and get rapidly back on track should something go wrong.

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Your partner in manufacturing

Our strength in the manufacturing sector comes from our extensive experience. With their in-depth, industry-specific knowledge and expertise, our manufacturing experts work alongside you. We can work independently, but we will always consult you before we go ahead. What exactly does your manufacturing company need? Where are your real roadblocks? And what is the best solution? Pragmatic, reliable and experienced: we are your partner in the manufacturing industry.

Would you like to have a success story to share? We're happy to help.

Enterprise-wide IT support

As production experts, we translate your vision into the IT situation that best suits your company. We have in-depth technical knowledge of applications such as SAP S/4HANA ERP, inriver PIM, shopfloor management, WMS and BI, and can also make a useful contribution to consultancy issues relating to data and cloud strategy, supply chain optimisation, integration, security, licence management and advanced IT optimisations. In short, we can assist you in every area and set up an integrated IT architecture that’s tailored to your organisation’s needs.

"Ctac got to know our corporate culture well, in order to deploy the right consultants. They didn't tell us how to do things; instead, they listened to us and then offered suitable solutions."

Jan Boerkamp, Managing Director, Carlisle Europe

Inter-company ERP

SAP S/4HANA Cloud is a complete, scalable, modular ERP platform for both SMEs and large companies, powered by AI and analytics.


inriver PIM

Collect, enrich and publish your product data quickly and easily. With inriver PIM, you always have data in real time in every sales channel.

inriver PIM

Cloud strategy

Relieve the pressure on your IT department and be prepared for any future changes with an agile and scalable cloud infrastructure providing the foundation for your organisation.



Cybercrime, hackers, data theft and sabotage can cause a great deal of damage. Ctac helps you keep your systems and data secure.



Streamline, simplify and improve your warehouse activities with SAP EWM.

"SAP EWM has a standard interface for creating an automated warehouse, known as the Material Flow System. Ctac has plenty of experience with this, so after a few brainstorming sessions we knew what the ideal link between EWM and the robots' operating system looked like. Now we can move forward quickly." Mark Menting, Global Process Owner Logistics at Prodrive Technologies

Successful solutions in this sector

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Ctac has been the SAP ERP market leader in the production sector for the last 30 years. We know your challenges better than anyone, and know how to deal with them by exploiting the software’s functionality.

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Streamline, simplify and improve your warehouse activities with SAP EWM: the fully integrated WMS solution from SAP.

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Easily integrate hardware, external service providers, sales channels and EDI. Ctac is the IT integration specialist in the manufacturing industry.

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Modern workplace

Online everywhere and at any time within your own secure business environment. From hardware to software and from next-level collaboration via Teams to cybersecurity.

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SAP S/4HANA as the corporate solution for AnalytiChem

How do you ensure that all the subsidiaries within your investment group are speaking the same “language”? The German AnalytiChem Group opted for SAP S/4HANA as a common ERP platform for all existing companies and future acquisitions.

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Manufacturing at Ctac

We at Ctac are your partner in the manufacturing sector. You can achieve the best possible deployment of people and machines with a streamlined supply chain and processes. We combine our technical knowledge of applications such as SAP S/4HANA, SAP EWM and inriver PIM with our business knowledge in the area of data and cloud strategy, as well as our experience in the world of manufacturing. This is how we work together to develop the best IT landscape for your business.