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The XV Unified Commerce Platform developed by Ctac puts the customer first, now and in the future.
Turn customers into loyal fans
Deposit unit online and in-store
Optimize the buying experience
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As a retailer, you want to continue to make a difference. Your customer deserves a seamless shopping experience, digitally and physically. And does that customer change? Then your business changes with it. With the XV Unified Commerce Platform developed by Ctac, you put the customer first, now and in the future.

All channels in one platform

Your customer expects and deserves the same, seamless buying experience everywhere. From physical store to webshop and from checkout to customer service. This involves many different systems. To offer a consistent and optimal shopping experience, you need a rock-solid IT landscape in which all your separate systems come together. With Unified Commerce, you connect all your channels and data into one, centralized platform.

With an organized Unified Commerce approach, you develop a clear customer view and respond quickly and easily to your customers’ changing needs. For customers, this delivers a streamlined shopping process, resulting in a pleasant purchasing experience. For your business, it brings all data together in one, integrated platform, allowing you to develop a clear customer view and make informed business decisions.

Unified Commerce at Ctac

Ctac’s XV Unified Commerce Platform, developed with more than 20 years of retail experience, offers a powerful solution for retail and wholesale. The platform, based on Composable Commerce, is used daily by large international retailers. With the XV Omni Customer Loyalty solution and XV Price & Promotion Engine, the platform synchronizes prices and offers seamlessly between the physical store and webshop. The XV Retail In-Store products contribute to an optimal shopping experience. Customers can benefit from standard components and integrate their own solutions through easy API integration. The result is a flexible and advanced solution that provides an integrated and consistent shopping experience both online and offline.

XV In-Store apps


XV POS is a proven Enterprise POS for the centrally controlled retailer and wholesaler. We make your most complex sales processes simple again for your employees, just like implementation through our template approach.


Prevent queues in the store with XV’s reliable and intuitive self-scan checkout. Integrations with Smart AI cameras and our proprietary algorithm ensure a reliable solution.

XV SCO Supervisor App

Because of this app, the customer never waits too long at the SCO. The app receives real-time SCO notifications and the employee can thus remotely perform actions such as age verification or be notified when the printer paper runs out, for example.


Add flexibility to your sales process without depending on the fixed checkout. Whether the sale is at the fitting cubicle, your pick-up point or any other desired sales moment, the XV mPOS makes it possible on your own PDA.

XV SelfScan

In supermarkets they can no longer be missed, consumer self-scan devices. XV has a Kiosk app for releasing the scan “guns” and a full-fledged SelfScan app.

Hybrid cloud architecture

Due to our unique hybrid cloud architecture, XV Retail integrates real-time with OMS, CRM and loyalty systems and can be effortlessly linked to other parts of your IT environment. No internet connection in your store? Even then our POS, SelfCheckout (SCO) and mobile solution can continue offline. And we perform software updates during the day while the store is open, without downtime. We do this without a store server. It does not matter how many stores and cash registers are involved.

XV Retail on the international market

Through partnerships with Deloitte and Fiscal Solutions, POS legislation holds no secrets for us. XV Retail has its own Fiscal Module so that the POS automatically complies with the legislation in the country where it is used. The Fiscal Module is also a plugin that integrates with both Fiscal Cloud and third-party Fiscal hardware solutions. Fiscal receipts are stored in the XV Fiscal Backoffice, for one central view across all countries.


Your partner in Unified Commerce

In the field of Unified Commerce we offer both consulting services and developed products. Do you want to offer an optimal customer experience and collect maximum data by bringing your different systems together in one platform? We would be happy to talk to you further about Ctac’s XV Unified Commerce Platform.

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Action is ready for even more growth thanks to POS system XV Retail

With Ctac’s XV Unified Commerce Platform, you optimize your shopping experience, ensure unity, and develop a good customer view. On this platform, our XV Omni Customer Loyalty, our XV Price & Promotion Engine, and our XV Retail In-Store products come together seamlessly.